Silk Wrap Glass Button Bracelet


Image of Silk Wrap Glass Button Bracelet

Comfortable, colourful, and totally original, these silk wrap bracelets are bound to attract compliments! Wear the colours of summer with one (or more!) of these hand crafted bracelets.

Made entirely by hand, the ribbons are sewn in Peterborough by my lovely friend and then I dye the fabric in small batches resulting in variations between each ribbon. Adorned with my hand made glass disc bead "buttons", you can be sure that each bracelet is totally unique - just like you!

Free of any metals, these bracelets are perfect for those with metal sensitivities.

These bracelets truly ARE "1 size fits all" as they are fully adjustable; just change where you tie the knot! (Just watch the video demo on how to put them on!).

** Please be advised that you will receive the same product shown in the photograph, but not the EXACT product shown. Bracelets measure approximately 48in long and wrap around your wrist. To customize the fit for your wrist, simply tie a loop at the end of the ribbon and slip it over the "button".**

SilkWrap Demo from Annie Scherz on Vimeo.